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Personal information protection policy

I also make an effort toward appropriate protection with the one of the following basic policy to the personal information we treat.
I make this "policy" well-known in all employees as well as elucidate in the social public, too.

  1. When we keep personal information from the customer enterprise I do use and an offer in the reach of the destination.
    Where I'll trade and don't do an offer to a third person and elucidation contrary to the gist.
  2. When acquiring personal information, we make the purpose of its merit the person himself clearly and don't make the use, the offer and the elucidation of anything but the purpose acquired personal information.
  3. When treating employee's personal information, we make the purpose of acquisition clear, use acquired personal information with the destination, offer it and plan for appropriate protection.
  4. We manage treated personal information safely, leak and do loss or prevention of damage and correction.
  5. We obey a model of the guideline a decree about handling and a country set as personal information and other things.
  6. We set a management system about personal information protection and carry without exception in all employees. I reconsider this periodically and make an effort toward continual improvement.




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