Since 1886, we have developed with the technology strength and the corporate philosophy. We are developing five business fields now. We also start new businesses with our main technology. Now prospects of society are gloomy, so we will help customers to develop businesses with a sense of security. So, we will try to pursue higher technology and better suggestion for customers according to changes in their circumstances individually.

1 of the 300 small and medium enterprises
which will carry the future of Japanese society

Thanks to you, we are selected “one of the three hundred small and medium enterprises which will carry the future of Japanese society”.We continue to keep up with customers’ needs as a company which consistently supplys products from design to production.

Corporate philosophy

We will pursue higher technology and contribute to customers with sincerity and cooperation.

Model of behavior

  1. Contribute to customers with sincerity to solve customers' problems
  2. Provide good-quality and safe products, complying customers' needs
  3. Pursue higher technology
  4. Live up to customers in unison
  5. Try to be professional and do our duties as a member of society
  6. Develop with society.


  1. Improve business management by listening to the voice of customers
  2. Make out the concrete schedule for customers
  3. Solve customers' problems in cooperation
  4. Provide best solutions
  5. Work hard and not neglect our studies
  6. Carry out our duty to protect privileged information
  7. Make much of intellectual property rights
  8. Never mix official business with personal affairs
  9. Obey the law and make office better
  10. Contribute to the realization of the better society

Company Profile

Founded 1886 Established 1949
Representative director Takeshi Watanabe
Sales 1200million JPY Capital 100million JPY
Number of employee 90
Head office

2-1, Aioityou 1-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka, Japan 812-0885
Phone: +81(92)581-0331 Fax: +81(92)573-3748

larger MAP

Tokyo office

8-2, Omorikita 4-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan 143-0016
Phone/Fax: +81(3)5493-2201

Kagoshima office

11-53, Kinkocho, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima, Japan 892-0836
Phone: +81(99)226-1266 Fax: +81(99)226-1256

Business outline 1. Manufacture(Design and install) steel sheet making equipment
2. Manufacture(Design and install) wheel making equipment
3. Manufacture(Design and install) industrial machinery
4. Manufacture(Design) torpedo tube of escort ship
5. Construction Machinery Sales and Service
Total floor space of factory 8199.94m2 Floor space of factory and office 5172.94m2

Organization Chart


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