1886 Founded in Hakata Nishimachi as an attached factory of ‘Watanabe Tokichi Honten’, moved to Chiyo.
Manufactured such as pumps.
1904 Started to manufacture the army service car.
1916 Reorganized into a limited partnership.
1919 Reorganized into a joint-stock company, started manufacturing the parts of torpedo.
1921 Designated a plant of the Navy and started to manufacture torpedo tubes.
1923 Produced a prototype of aircraft wheels (for military).
1930 Relocated to Zasshonokuma, established a new aircraft manufacturing plant.
1931 Unit one prototype (elementary training aircraft) completed, started to manufacture.
1932 Started production of torpedo.
1934 Completed “Aichi E10A”, started to manufacture.
1935 Became a professional factory of weapons.
1937 Tachiarai factory was spun off to manufacture the machine army.
1940 Started to manufacture “Aichi E10A”.
1941 Completed “K9W1”, started to manufacture.
Completed “K11W”, started to manufacture.
1943 Separated and renamed ‘Kyushu weapons corporation’ and ‘Kyushu airplane corporation’.
1944 Completed “Q1W”, started to manufacture.
1945 Completed “J7W1”(named Shinden) , started to manufacture.
Renamed to ‘Kyushu Ironworks Corporation’ at the end of the war
1949 Improvement Act by corporate restructuring, ‘Watanabe Ironworks Corporation’ was established.
Started production of coal mine ambulance car for people.
1950 Started to manufacture the parts of the machine of ‘Yahata Steel Works’.
Produced a high-speed newspaper presses for ‘Nishinippon Shimbun Corporation’.
1955 Started production of torpedo tubes of ‘the Defense Agency’
1959 Started to manufacture plants for processing steel sheet.
1962 Started to manufacture Slitting Line.
1963 Start the service of general-purpose machines made by ‘Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries’
1964 Started to manufacture Shearing Line.
1967 Started to manufacture automotive wheel manufacturing plant.
1985 Renamed to “Watanabe Engineering Corporation”.
1993 The factory of finish had remodeled.
2006 Selected as " one of the three hundred small and medium enterprises which will carry the future of Japanese society” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


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