The project of automation of plants

To improve the plants, we will make various proposals for customers with interesting ideas

The proposal and design of plants are our strong point. It is because we carefully make arrangements with customers. For a new customer, we can make the most suitable proposal after the detailed arrangements.

The projects team of automation of plants

The technical service department

They are the group of strong sales engineers. They had a great deal of experience and they are familiar with technology. They can make proposals from a customer's point of view.

The duties planning section of the technical service department

They plan new products. Moreover, they are consultation contact point. Please contact them about anything.

The technical service sections of the technical service department

They are in charge of design with the needs of customers. In addition to rich originality, high technical knowledge, they try for self-study while always collecting the highest information. In addition, they perform fundamental researches to challenge the development of the new product and a technical obstacle as a post promoting R & D (research and development).

The electric measuring instruments section of the technical service department

As SE of the electric control system, they develop software and program for the line construction which is highly precise, and has high operability.

The manufacturing department

They cope from can manufacturing to assembling, a trial run in our factory. It is a strong point of us that we can help from a design to local installation and a trial run throughout.

The administration department

They are in charge of the quality control of the products. They check whether products satisfy the function that the customers demand and guarantee quality.


The flow chart of the automation of plants


Main equipment

Machine SPEC total
lathe Saddle S (bed B)×C distance between the core
630S(870B)×2,500C 1
340S(560B)×1,500C 1
290S(500B)×1,500C 2
260S(460B)×1,000C 1
210S(360B)×550C 1
face lathe 710S(1,070B)×1,800C 1
Numerical Control 350S(610B)×3,000C 1
350S(580B)×1,250C 1
150S(200B)×260C 1
Cylindrical grinding machine 400B×1,500C 1
boring machine Processing range Height (H)×Length (L)×Width (W)
3,000H×6,000L×4,000W (Spindle diameterφ135)
Table type horizontal boring machine (Numerical) 1,500H×2,000L×1,450W (Spindle diameterφ110) 1
Table type horizontal boring machining center 1,000H×1,000L×700W (Spindle diameterφ200) 1
Machining center 650H×1,050L×650W 1
Vertical Numerical Milling 550H×1,050L×530W 2
universal milling machine 450H×1,370L×310W 1
shaping machine 260H×1,500L×500W (Stroke700) 1
Hard shaping machine 210H×360L×440W (Stroke210) 1
Flat shaping machine 700H×2,000L×800W 1
surface grinding 545H×1,500L×500W 1
Planomillers 1,500H×4,150L×1,950W 1
800H×3,300L×750W 1
Radial Drilling Machine Processing range Arm length(A)×Height (H)
1,400A×1,450H 1
1,250A×1,500H 1
Gap shear 10t×2,000W 1
Hydraulic press 400ton 1
Air compressor 37KW 1
Roll bending 6t×3,200W 1
Cut-off machine Maxφ450,□300H×660W 1
Arc welder 400A 7
Argon welder 500A 1
semi-automatic welder 500A 6
overhead travelling crane 25/5ton 1
15/5ton 1
15ton 1
10ton 1
5ton 2
2.8ton 2
Plate rail 11,000 × 67,000 1
Plate 8,300 × 1,400 2
3,840 × 1,400 2


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