Steel plate processing equipment (such as Slitter line)

To build a good slitter line, it is necessary to have an original design according to various criteria.

For example, characteristic and shape of the material, the size of plant and personnel, and appropriate driving speed.

Therefore, our company discuss in detail of our customers' needs and detail prior to the design specification. Made to order by a consistent system from design to manufacturing, we deliver to our customers the best line.

In the field of IC frame and mold which precision is demanded, we are good at micron technology accuracy by its own control. We also have been very reliable by clearing the high-standard terms of usability efficiency and cost performance.
"I want to launch a slitter line of products with such characteristics""Is it possible to make the capacity of the line higher? " Such a variety request offer comes to our company.

As we specialized in designing custom-made line, because of the comprehensive strength born from the abundant know-how and technical strength developed over many years.

Identify problems, analysis and consider addition from the broad view, demonstrate all the available technology we keep the attitude to pursue through the user benefits. Not only satisfy the demands, we also have an ability to suggest own proposal. We will continue to support the creation of production systems rely on technology as a truly brains, directly related to management efficiency.

The accuracy investigation of other brand's product / overhaul

In recent years, requests for overhaul of major equipment such as other brand s products cutter stand of that withdrew from business had increased. Watanabe Iron Works will strive to accommodate all of the requests. We follow up flexibly for other brand s products accuracy research and overhaul.


Steel sheet processing machines

  1. Slitter line
  2. Recoiling Line
  3. Traverse winding line

Specifications Slitting Line

Material coil Sheet thickness (mm) Board width (mm) Coil weight (kg) Line Speed (M/min)
Steel plate 0.1 〜 9.0 100 〜 1500 1300 〜 25000 40 〜 300
SUS plate 0.03 〜 7.0 400 〜 1300 2500 〜 22000 30 〜 290
Copper plate 0.05 〜 5.0 310 〜 670 3200 〜 8000 35 〜 200
Aluminum board 0.1 〜 2.1 400 〜 2100 3000 〜 21000 20 〜 600
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Production equipment for automobile wheel
(such as rim line)

Recently, automotive industry accounts for approximately 10% of the gross national product as one of the key industries. Responsible for the production of (wheel rim) portion of its wheels, from cutting of coil material to coiling, welding, trimming, forming, assembly, inspection accuracy, rim line consistently automatically produce the whole process. It was 1967 when Watanabe Iron Works entered the field of manufacturing plant it was the midst of the primary motorization when automobile manufacturers Factory Automating had advanced rapidly. Since then, as our country's greatest rim line manufacture through dealings with the Japanese automobile wheel manufacturer preeminent in the world we accumulate high technical know-how. Almost exclusively share the domestic market exports to USA, Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia we appeal the excellence .We have a large share in the international market. The rim line design is also custom-made as well as slitter line. When create the needs we always have a trust relationship based on partnership with our customers. Asian market has been attracting attention in the future. China, India and Southeast Asian countries potential, entry into some countries undergoing rapid economic development has been expected. Accordingly, employees will have many opportunities to have an overseas business trip our company will be important aspects as well as international companies.


Automotive wheel manufacturing facility

  1. Rim shear line
  2. Rim welding line
  3. Rim forming line
  4. Wheel assembly line
  5. Wheel inspection line
  6. Rim manufacturing facility for trucks
  7. Disk shear line
  8. Wheel endurance test machine (Life tester(rotayr bending)/Drum tester(radial road)/Impact tester)
  9. Various automatic conveying equipment
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Industrial machinery

By applying the technology we have developed we want to take advantage of the new industry. Delivered of labor saving automatic machine to housing and food manufacturers, to ironworks we have developed a device to the suppliers with high added value. In recent years, the ancillary equipment for ironworks delivery increased. We have established a new business as a pillar of Watanabe Ironworks. By considering the usability and safety, combining the technology of our company we will provide satisfactory facilities to our new customers.


Related equipment and facilities

  1. Department of the amount of equipment smelting furnace 440t
  2. Lightweight steel processing facility
  3. Thin glass drilling machine
  4. Inspection equipment wooden pallets etc..
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Ministry of Defense Relevant Department

Watanabe Iron Works had been specified as a factory to manufacture torpedo weapons of the Imperial Japanese Navy from the Taisho period, 10 years after the war, we began to deal with Ministry of Defense (at that time, the Defense Agency) . The product called such as aquatic torpedo tube and imitation torpedo. In case of aquatic torpedo tube we are the only domestic manufacturer. Ministry of Defense-related products require us in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety under strict quality control regulations. It goes without saying that for security protection they also ask us thorough management system. From among the many manufacturers we passed the rigorous examination with the best performance. It proves the high level state one end of our proud history. To make this trust relationship more rock-solid, we created a system that always integrates with the Ministry of Defense we want to improve the technology further.

Related Products Ministry of Defense

  1. Water torpedo tubes
  2. Torpedo hoax
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General purpose machine service sector

We have started the business of construction machinery sales and service of IHI Corporation since 1963. Handling a wide range of products recently, we cover most part of the construction-related products including other brand s products. We expand the overall business activities, sale machines, supply parts, maintenance and repair for entire area of Kyushu furthermore Chugoku Shikoku area. Place the branch in Kagoshima to enable rapid service systems in southern Kyushu district. Unlike the other sector which engineering of industrial machinery mainly, our division is more like a trading company. In business services, to deal quickly to mechanical failure as well, we also focus on periodic inspection and maintenance to keep the product is always at their best.

General purpose machine service handling material

  1. Purchase and sale of concrete pump car (new cars /owned cars)
  2. Purchase and sale of construction machinery/ vehicles
  3. Sales parts of concrete pump
  4. Air compressor sales to each company
  5. Sales consumable Liquid concrete plant goods
  6. All sorts maintenance/repair


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